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Find out how you can support our work to build the resilience of local organisations and communities to help make the UK better adapted to the changing climate - from the bottom up.

Our offer to businesses

The free Business Resilience Healthcheck tool is used by suppliers to Marks & Spencer to help them meet their Plan A commitments. Find out what benefits it can offer your business when supported with training from Climate UK.

Our offer to local enterprise partnerships

Climate UK worked with the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership to produce a video about the 2013 tidal surge and its impacts on the Humber Ports and also produced guidance for all LEPs on delivering resilient growth.

Our offer to the professions

Climate UK worked with the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation to inform a national conversation about reducing the vulnerability of the local roads network to extreme weather. 

Our offer to universities

We've worked with the University of Manchester to develop the Climate Just web tool. We've helped to make their research accessible to public service providers and trained them in using the tool to tackle climate disadvantage.

About us

Climate UK supports local organisations to manage their climate risks and respond to opportunities via our national network of partnership organisations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Read more

Latest news

Community energy in Nottinghamshire

A new 5MW solar farm has been built in Nottinghamshire following a successful public share offer by a community benefit society.

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7th Climate UK E-newsletter, published 28th November 2016